One of the moral issues we have to deal with is that we record someone talks, collect funds to cover expenses, and the money goes to the checking account. While the intention is not to make a living on the ministry, it bugs us that we &lsquomake money&lsquo on someone else gift. With that, we do not openly publish previous talks recorded. Additionally, mail orders are a great expense and time consumer to the ministry. With a mail order, we have to take the order, find the masters, print up media labels, create an invoice, address a shipping envelope, go by the post office, receive payment, deposit funds, then pay sales/use taxes.


Our preferred method of distribution is delivering copies at the point of sale. At this point, all the equipment is setup, great volunteers are on hand to process the order, and the opportunity to visit face to face. With all that said, we prefer not to do any mail orders. However, our mission is to get the word out to others who can not otherwise hear the words one of our Lord servants provided. Therefore, if you need a specific talk, e-mail us, and we will see what we can do to help.

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1. You are responsible to obtain permission from the speaker to be recorded. You are also responsible for any copyrights or contracts that the speaker may have with their self or with other third party companies, and for any fees or percentages of the income the speaker requests.


2. The information you want printed on the cassette and CD labels.


3. A detailed event schedule showing what times different speakers will be talking. When setting up a schedule please keep the following in mind: The preferred media people want is CD. A standard CD (not a MP3 or other format) will only hold about 75 minuets of recording. When the CD is full, it takes about 5 min to finalize the CD, and to prepare the next one. If the presentation will be scheduled for more than 75 min, please schedule a break in with the time. Your speaker might prefer the break as well.


4. To estimate the quantity of tapes or cd that will be needed we need a good estimate of the number of people that will be in attendance.


5. Your price for coping gets lower if a small staff of volunteers are available. Two or three volunteers are normally needed to work with us in selling tapes/cd, and helping with labeling and duplication. Young adults (13-18 yrs old work quite well). If recording multiple simultaneous sessions, a volunteer per session is needed to record each session.


6. Promotion of the tapes/cd is a must. The purpose of recording the event is to allow others to obtain the copies to share with those that could not (or would not) attend. Your message will not reach other people if they do not know that the event is available, or that they will be ready just minutes after the presentation. When general announcements are made we have a sample announcement you can use.


7. For recording the event: A small table near the person speaking is needed. If we are unable to tap-in to the house sound system; to give you a good quality recording we will attach a microphone to the podium or have the speaker clip on a lapel microphone.


8. For duplication; three eight-foot tables and an electrical outlet nearby is needed. The area used should be outside the lecture area as the duplicators are noisy when they get going.


9. All required taxes will be collected, unless tax exemption numbers are provided at the time of setup.



1. We bring in recorders and microphones to record the lecture (or performance). If needed we could provide PA Equipment.


2. We have on hand high speed cassette and CD duplicators to mass produce the lecture. Within just 10 minutes after the lecture is over your 1st set of copies will be ready for pickup.


3. We supply the cassette tapes, CD, cases, and labels.


4. We provide pre-paid coupons to issue to customers that purchase an advance copy of the event. These coupons keep down the confusion on who has paid or not, and provides us a way of metering the count of tapes to make.


5. We have on hand mail-in order forms. If you want, we will take care of the mailing of media to those you want them sent to.

* Audio Cassette & CD Recording *

* High Speed Audio Duplication *

* PA Sound Enhancement *

* Blank Tapes and Supplies *

Let us help pay for your event.

We supply you media at a wholesale cost.

Then sell it for you at a retail cost.

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Lets get others in love with our Blessed Lord

JMJ Communications

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The key tool our Lord used to bring me in love with Him was tapes recorded by faithful servants. I really did not know our church, or understand how fun and easy it is to follow Christ until I heard it on tape. Thus, it is my prayer to be able to provide the same tools to other souls that can use it. If the talks are something that could bring honor and glory to Christ then payment for my time is not important.


Currently any profit made from recordings and duplication is used to replenish the funds spent for the equipment, and to provide free personal copies to our beloved Priests and Religious. Once this equipment is paid for, future profits will be used to improve our services. The goal is not to become a large taping corporation, but to be able to come to lectures, record the talks, and distribute the messages for very little to no set-up cost to the organization.


You can help spread Christ word to others that do not know him, and our service can help pay for it. We sell tapes to your organization at a wholesale cost. You than use any extra income to help you defray the cost used to put on the event. If you know of organizations that are bringing in speakers who are blessed with a means of getting people to relate to God, please feel free to contact us so that this message can be handed to everyone that would not otherwise hear the message.

Patrick Komlofske, Taping Coordinator